Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Log 714: Everyone Nods (The Lost Crossover)

Hey, remember that time that Jim told Pete about his favorite blog
You don't? Well, lucky for you, I am here to refresh your memory.

Jim: Hey, Pete, guess what Jean and I did this weekend.

Pete: I don't know, paint your kitchen? Replace your bathroom sink?

Jim: No, we watched Dragnet.
 Pete: Dragnet? That show with those 2 square detectives?

Jim: Yeah, Pete, Dragnet. It was a really great episode. Friday went over to Gannon's house to watch the game, but his neighbors kept coming over and bothering them.

Pete: This sounds fascinating...

Jim: And Gannon's house is really great. It has this groovy yellow wall phone and gold medallion clock and some pretty nifty table lamps. Except, it's not a real house, it's a set on the Universal lot.

Pete: Did you fall asleep in the sun again? 'Cause I think your brain is fried.

Jim: No. You see Jean and I starting reading this blog,
and now we notice all sorts of cool things about Dragnet's sets and furniture and decor...

Pete: Blog?!?

Jim: Look, Pete, why don't you come over this weekend. Jean has this friend who is a computer programmer, she can explain what a blog is to you. And you can meet this boy who lives next door, he's starting a band with his family.

Pete: Oh, Jean has a friend. Look if this is another set-up. I've told you before, I'm a happy bachelor...

Dispatcher: 1-Adam-12, Shots fired at the laundromat at 332 East Vermont, see the man, handle code 3.

All units in the vicinity, check out Everyone Nods by Suzy Dragnet! It is a great blog with tons of interesting information about all things Dragnet. It is what inspired me to start my blog. I definitely give it a rating of:


  1. Snerk!

    Oh, lord, this is classic stuff!

    Still, I wonder if this got Pete wondering about the nature of the Universe. I mean, he knows that Dragnet is a TV show... But he and Jim have both worked with Friday and Gannon! How can that be if Friday and Gannon are just TV detectives???

    But, wait, this gets weirder! Because Jim and Pete have also worked with, or at least met, Johnny Gage and Roy DeSoto of Emergency!, but in an episode of that show, Johnny and Roy are losing sleep, and Johnny's obsessing, because they missed the end of the episode of Adam-12 in which Jim and Pete are transporting William Campbell back to LA, and are attacked by mobsters who take Jim hostage!

    Reality, it's all twisted like a Moebius Pretzel!

    1. I did think about how Reed and Malloy had previously worked with Friday and Gannon when I started to write this. But, then I thought, "It's OK, the same thing happened on Emergency!".

  2. I gotta tell you, this was funny as sh*t. In fairness I came here from Everyone Nods, but both of you are to be commended for GREAT blogs. BTW Joe & Bill were going to watch the premier of "Emergency" at halftime, but it didn't get picked up until 1972, so the scene had to be cut. This would've brought the universe "full circle".

    Seriously, I love both of these shows and appreciate you two keeping them alive.


    1. Yay! I'm so glad! We're like a Mark VII Dream Team!

      But seriously, I'm still working on new posts at Everyone Nods :)

      Thanks so much for checking us out!!


  3. Thanks, Rick! I'm glad to welcome Everyone Nods fans. I'm one, too!