Sunday, October 5, 2014

Log 161: And You Want Me to Get Married? (Episode 6, Season 1)

Episode 6
We learn about Reed and Malloy's differing attitudes regarding marriage while they respond to a burglary call, handle a domestic situation, and rescue the victims of an auto accident.

The episode begins with Malloy complaining about Donna, one of the girls in his harem. Seems Malloy brought Donna to dinner at the Reed's and "now she's making noises like she wants to get married".
That Los Angeles traffic looks as bad as I've heard it is. 

Look at the size of Malloy's thumb!
Before Malloy can rant too extensively about how the Reeds have ruined his casual relationship with Donna, they get a 211 call at 917 North Main Street. Malloy immediately recognizes the address as Marty's liquor store.
-1-Adam-12 requesting Code 7 at the Dairy Queen, 915 North Main.
-1-Adam-12, OK-7.

I thought they were going to Marty's. This is Dave Berg's Liquor.

I'm not a big drinker, so I haven't spent much time in liquor stores; but this store seems very well stocked.
This is Marty. His liquor store has been robbed 4 times in the past 6 months. It's in a dandy location, right next to the freeway. Convenient for all of your entertaining, robbing, and escaping needs.
Pete questions Marty about the latest hold-up.

Jim holds up his hat.

Pete wishes he were at the DQ eating a Dilly Bar.

Marty samples the merchandise, Pete scratches his face, Jim plays tic-tac-toe.
Back on the road, Malloy lays the blame for Donna's desire to get married at Jim's doorstep. Ever since their evening with the Reeds, all Donna can talk about is the Reeds' house and how good Jean looks "with the baby coming on" and the layette they are putting together and how happy Jim and Jean are. Malloy does not want to talk to about layettes when he takes a girl out.
Look, I don't wanna hear about layettes when I am trying to get laid. Capisce?

I guess I should point out that Reed and Malloy have not been in their usual patrol area in this episode. They are in the hills on the lookout for wildfires. As they are driving, a motorist flags them down to tell them about a car that went off the road.
Malloy calls for back-up while Reed goes to investigate the scene. (FTO rule 1: send the rookie into danger first!)

The car is leaking gas!
The driver is pinned under the car.
FTO rule #2: The rookie is younger and stronger, let him try to push the vehicle off of the accident victim. 

More from the FTO rule book: If your rookie can't move a car by himself, you may help apply leverage. However, let him do most of the work. Remember, the rookie is the "brawn" of this partnership and you are the "brains".  As the FTO you can not risk getting a blister, that would make driving the car awkward and uncomfortable.
Reed finds a baby seat in the car. Malloy asks the victim, "Lady, hey lady. Was there a baby in the car?"
After a search of the area, Reed finds the baby.

After a quick trip to the station where Mac gives the boys an update on the condition of the mother and baby. Reed and Malloy are back in the car debating the merits of bachelorhood and marriage.
Malloy got a blister. Which is bad for him but good for us, we get treated to this great view of  his freckled mitt.
Reed: "What've you got against Donna?"
Malloy:"You're pushing that girl like she was your ugly sister. Ease up, will 'ya!"
Malloy goes on to say that he likes "getting acquainted with someone new" and going to different places. 
Reed tells Malloy very seriously that home and family is where the satisfaction is.
They then get another 211 call at Marty's! He has been held up twice in 3 hours!
The dispatcher gives a description of the suspect and Adam-12 take off to search for him.
They find the suspect. Malloy knew he was carrying a gun because his shirt was un-tucked. Somehow, I don't think this theory would work today. If 1968 Malloy were dropped into 2014, he would think that everyone was carrying a gun.

I bet this guy feels like a real what-the-sign-says.
Whew! Catching bad guys makes a cop hungry, it's time for 7 at Biff's.

Malloy's review of Biffs: "Good food we can get anywhere, they've got cute waitresses!"
Uh, Pete, I'm supposed to ask you to come to dinner on Thursday. We want to make it a foursome. You don't have to bring Donna. 
"What have you got in mind for me? Total destruction?" 
Before Reed can answer that, they are called to a disturbance at 10724 Grand View Drive, home of the Whitley's. Their neighbor has called the cops because of  the noise coming from the Whitley's home
First Malloy tries the doorbell. No answer.

Then he bangs on the door. No answer.

Malloy peers through the open window and sees Mr. Whitley listening to records, at a very high volume.

Malloy shouts at Mr. Whitley through the window and finally gets a response.

Mrs. Whitley may look hella cute in her pink on pink outfit and live in this fantastic house with mod flower art and kicky orange chairs and built in bookcases, but she is pissed. She is not happy because she also has to work to help support herself and her husband.  All she wanted to do was watch TV after a long day of work. It's hard to empathize with her in 2014.

Also what's up with the drapery in the entry to this room. It seems like every house on Dragnet or Adam-12 has drapes to close off a room. Did people really do this in the '60's and '70's?
Anyway, the whole thing started when Mrs. Whitley threw hot grease at Mr. Whitley.  Reed suggests that he leave the house until things cool off. 
As Reed and Malloy leave, they see Mr. Whitley has followed Reed's suggestion.
"And you want me to get married?!" 
Reed, I'm a happy bachelor...

Here's what I like about this episode, the glimpse into Malloy's philosophy on bachelorhood and Reed's feelings about marriage. Since we mostly see Reed and Malloy on the job, I love any mention of their personal lives and thoughts.
I also really love the locations in the episode. A real 1960's liquor store! And what a liquor store! Real L.A. streets! I love everything about the Whitley's house, it even has a card table set up as permanent piece of furniture just like my grandparents' house.

I'm going to give this episode a rating of:
Do you agree?

See you next time! KMA-367


  1. Dave Berg owned a liquor store while he was an award-winning cartoonist for Mad Magazine, apparently.