Saturday, August 30, 2014

Log 1: The Impossible Mission (part 4)

First call: 415, code 2

(Which means disturbing the peace, respond immediately no red lights, no sirens.)
So the boys arrive at their first call and see this lady jumping up and down and "going through all sorts of gyrations". Mustache man thought she was having a seizure and sticks his fingers in her mouth so she doesn't swallow her tongue. The other man thought mustache was assaulting the lady. She's really jumping around because she thought her son's salamander got out of it's box and was crawling on her. Turns out it's all a big mistake.
No, this isn't some sort of crazy '60's dance party.

"Oh, it's on me, I know it's on me!"

"What's on you?"

This is Reed and the other guy, a truck driver.

What the hell is wrong with you people?

I'm going to get to the bottom of this.

Put the box in my large, freckled hands, lady.

Oh, look here's the salamander. It was in the box the whole time.

Take your salamander and leave my sight.

Thank you, Officer.

You're welcome. We have real work to do, now.


  1. I finally had to find a website to know what all the codes mean so I would know where they were going. They respond to a lot of calls Code 2, which also surprised me. Do cops still respond to a lot of calls with Code 2?

    Here it is- Reed's first real call. Can you imagine how nerve racking that would be?
    All you know is that it's disturbing the peace. You have no other information. If it were me, I would be going through all these scenarios in my head trying to prepare myself for whatever was going to happen.

    At first it seems like something pretty serious. I'm sure Reed's heart was racing wondering what was going to happen. To find out that the first call Reed responded to was Salamander lady is classic. Police officers respond to a lot of difficult and dangerous situations, but Adam 12 showed up that they also respond to a lot of weird and funny situations. I wonder if Reed was relieved after it was over.

    This is where we first hear Malloy say Yes, Ma'am over and over. When did cops stop saying Yes, Sir and Yes, Ma'am? I haven't been around that many cops, but none of them ever said Yes, Ma'am.

    This is the first animal/reptile/amphibian encounter for Malloy on the show. Salamander's are amphibians; we see or hear about a lot more reptiles than amphibians. I was surprised by the number of snakes that women owned back in the late 60s and early 70s.

    1. I once went on a ride along with my local police and while I'm sure it doesn't compare to what rookie feels his first day on the job, I was extremely nervous when the cop I was with pulled a car over that did not have plates. Who knew what was going on in that car? And, like Reed and all cops in the '60's, I didn't have a bulletproof vest. So, I can relate in a small way to what Reed must have felt on that first call.
      I live in South Carolina where everyone, including the cops, still say "yes sir" and "yes ma'am". I'm originally from PA and it still sounds strange to me.