Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Log 1: The Impossible Mission (Part 1)

Ahh, the first episode.
After I watched this my immediate reaction was, "Adam-12, where have you been all my life?" Here are some caps from the first scene in the locker room where we meet Officer Peter J. Malloy and Lt. Val Wangsgard. We learn that Malloy has been on the job seven years and that he wants to quit the force. Wangsgard tells Malloy, "You've been assigned a new man tonight. Name's Reed, Jim Reed, 23 year-old probationer." 

The Locker Room scene

Take a good look, you'll never see the locker room looking like this again.

You'll never see the Lieutenant getting dressed with patrolmen again, either.

Art Gilmore as Lt. Val Wangsgard. Where did that name come from?

Our first glimpse of Reed. Unfortunately, ladies, he is already dressed. That's Kent McCord as Officer Jim Reed, in case you didn't know. 

Martin Milner as Officer Pete Malloy. Also, already dressed. What a waste of a locker room scene.

Lt. Wangsgard tells Pete that Reed "looks good on paper". Malloy answers, "they all do". He still wants to quit.

Tomorrow: "Roll Call" and "Reed & Malloy Meet Cute"

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