Sunday, August 31, 2014

Log 1: The Impossible Mission (Part 5)

Second call: 459, code 2

(Which means burglary, respond immediately no red lights, no sirens.)

Pete and Jim arrive at the liquor store.
Holy crap! A real store on a real street, not a set on the Universal backlot. How un-Jack Webb like!
 Malloy and Reed "see the man", the liquor store owner. He has seen a green Buick sedan in front of the store. He thinks the men in the Buick want to rob his store.

That's Gene Boland Howard Culver as the store owner, you may recognize him from Dragnet 1967.
Here's the license plate number on this slip of paper.
 The boys return to the car, they are going to search the neighborhood for the green Buick.

No silver tape covering "Plymouth", more atypical Jack Webb behavior.
Turns out those guys in the Buick are wanted for "burglary, auto division". 
Lincoln Queen Ocean-314, it's the guys from the liquor store!
I want these guys so bad I can taste it! 
No, this isn't the race scene from Grease.  
I don't think this car has a windshield.
Reed and Malloy get the bad guys.
 Next: Code 7 and Baby Gladys.


  1. I think it's Howard Culver, not Gene Boland, but it's really tough to tell all the white guys apart in Mark VII shows. It took me forever to figure out all the guys with red hair!

    Suzy Dragnet

    1. You're right, it is Howard Culver. I'll fix that. Thanks!

    2. No problem! I wish someone had corrected me when I first mistook Howard Culver for Bert Holland!
      Derp! Lol. I still don't think I have corrected it. The episodes/entries stack up!

      I'm so happy with this blog! You give me encouragement to keep going on my blog projects. :D

    3. I'm happy with both your blogs! It's so nice to know that other people are as obsessed with the Webbiverse as I am.

    4. Thank you, Bryan! So glad you're enjoying yourself. Isn't the internet a wonderful place?

  2. Love how the 59 green Buick looks like it's coming right through the TV screen when it crashes (shaking the camera)