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Log 91: You're Not The First Guy Who's Had The Problem (Episode 5)

Episode 5

A close friend of Jim's, who is also a fellow officer, is wounded in the line of duty. With the recent tragedy weighing on his mind, Jim must get through his shift.

This episode starts in the locker room, where Officer Stenzler is showing Reed his new fishing reel. The two friends are planning a fishing trip for the upcoming weekend. 
Here are Stenzler and Reed. If this were Star Trek, Stenzler would be wearing a red shirt (spoiler alert).

This is Stenzler's FTO (Field Training Officer), Walters.
We know who this guy is.
Once they are in the car, Reed starts telling Malloy about the fishing trip he is planning with Stenzler. He also lets Malloy know that lately Jean has been very worried about Jim and his safety. They are interrupted by a radio call, "officer needs help, shots fired, 9226 Van Arden, handle code 3". Malloy races to the call, which is "half-way across the district".
When they arrive at the scene, they discover that Stenzler has been shot. After helping at the scene for a few minutes, Mac sends Adam-12 back on patrol.

Stenzler has been shot, but no blood is shown. Could you not show blood on TV back then? When did this change?
Schaefer's Ambulance Service has been around since 1932 and is still around today! I believe this the ambulance service that transported Marilyn Monroe's body to the morgue. Read more about Shaefer's here.
Reed picks up his friend's night stick.
In the car Reed tells Malloy that he and Stenzler went through the Academy together and have known each other prior to that, too. He looks for assurance from Malloy that Stenzler will be OK. Instead of filling Reed with false hope, Malloy tells him, "I don't know, I'm not a doctor".
Malloy then spots a suspected drunk driver and pulls him over. He tells Reed, "You take him. Keep you're mind on what you're doing." The drunk gets belligerent, but Reed is professional the entire time.
I find it adorable when Reed clips the driver's license to his tie. It's like his mommy pinned a note to him. Anyway, that is Ken Swofford playing the drunk. He's been on everything, but I remember him from the Fame TV show.

Los Angeles heat + a wool or synthetic suit + vinyl seats = sweat right through your suit. Ewww.

"Cops are psychological cripples!"
Do you believe this guy?
OK, you're drunk.
After they book the drunk, Reed tries to call Jean but she is not home. Mac tells them that Stenzler could be paralyzed. Soon, they are back on the street and Reed tells Malloy more about his friendship with Stenzler. They are then called to 1017 North Peterson for an ADW (assault with a deadly weapon) call.
Pete and Jim react to the news about Stenzler.

The ADW calls brings them to a pool hall. Four men were involved in a fight, and one was hit with a pool cue. The other 3 have dropped the injured man off at the hospital. Reed and Malloy will go to the hospital to investigate.
At the hospital, Reed and Malloy discover that the ADW victim does not want to make a complaint. Reed asks the Lieutenant if can see Mrs. Stenzler. The Lieutenant tells him that is not possible since she has been sedated.
After this, it is time for 7. At an authentic L.A. taco stand! During dinner, Reed tells Malloy that he is worried that Jean will think it is he who has been shot since the shooting has been on the news, but the officer's name has not been released. He is also worried that Jean may want him to quit the job now. Pete is not much help in this situation. 

Check out the prices on that menu! Everything is .35 or .45!

Pete tries to crack a joke.
Jim's not really in the mood to joke around.
Malloy flashes the peace sign at these young ladies on the way out. Notice the sign that says "Luis", it's taped over something. I wonder why.
After they eat, Malloy notices a red Ford that is parked the wrong way with a bike sticking out of it's trunk. The car takes off and Adam-12 is right behind it. They pull the car over and interrogate the driver and passenger.
There's that Mustang again. 
Malloy frisks the suspects while Reed strikes a pose. 
Malloy interrogates this guy, his name is Frank. 
Reed gets this guy.
The officers confer and discover that the suspects are giving them different stories. 
While Reed is running the license plate, they take off. Reed catches Frank.
Malloy tackles that other guy.
Well, obviously those guys are getting a ride to the station in the back of Adam-12.
When they arrive at the station, Mac gives them the news about Stenzler.
"Stenzler's dead."

Reed finally gets through to Jean. She asks Jim to check on Beth Stenzler before she starts crying. After he talks to his wife, Jim knows they will talk about the dangers of the job when he gets home. He also knows that everything will be alright between him and Jean.
Jim finally talks to Jean.

"You're not the first guy who's had the problem and you won't be the last. You'll work it out."
My thoughts on episode 5:
Reed's endless prattling on about his worry that Jean will be so worried about him that she will want him to quit the job really grates on my nerves. I just wanted to scream at the TV, "Good Lord, man, your good friend was just shot and you are making this about you!" I guess this is what makes a Malloy a great partner, though. He lets Reed work through the tragedy in his own way and is just there to listen. I would not have made such a good partner. 
I've never been a cop or been close to any cops, so I don't know what they go through when one of their own is shot. Maybe they all have thoughts similar to Reed's. Maybe the writing in this episode failed to make those feelings entertaining. I don't know. Something about this episode fails to make me sympathize with Reed.
There are some parts that I like about this episode, though. I like the scene with the drunk driver, Reed is the utmost professional despite his emotions. I love everything about their meal break at the taco stand; The setting, the way Malloy tries to make him feel better through humor, the peace sign.
I'm split on this episode, I don't love it, but I don't hate it. Therefore, I give it a rating of:

See you next time! KMA-367


  1. The taco stand is the best. I bet someone has it logged somewhere.
    How old was Marty when this one aired? So handsome, these two!

    Love a dapper man!
    Suzy Dragnet

    I put up a promo for you at Everyone Nods.

    1. Marty was 36, almost 37 when this aired. Married for eleven years and a father of four! Thank you so much for the promo, it made my month!

  2. I think that taco stand was where Pam Grier's brother tried to hide from some thugs at the beginning of Foxy Brown.

  3. New to this blog, and LOVING IT!
    That taco stand was Henry's Tacos, corner of Moorpark and Tujunga Ave., North Hollywood. It was a North Hollywood hot spot from 1961 until January of 2013 when it closed due a to leasing dispute. The iconic signage now resides in a place of prominence at the (San Fernando) Valley Relics Museum in Chatsworth. A long time Henry's Tacos employee has now reopened... across the street!

    Keep up the good work, this L.A. copper approves!

    1. Oh, wow! So glad you like the blog! Thanks so much for you comments here and on some other posts. You're LAPD "behind the scenes" insight is much appreciated.