Sunday, August 31, 2014

Log 1: The Impossible Mission (Part 5)

Second call: 459, code 2

(Which means burglary, respond immediately no red lights, no sirens.)

Pete and Jim arrive at the liquor store.
Holy crap! A real store on a real street, not a set on the Universal backlot. How un-Jack Webb like!
 Malloy and Reed "see the man", the liquor store owner. He has seen a green Buick sedan in front of the store. He thinks the men in the Buick want to rob his store.

That's Gene Boland Howard Culver as the store owner, you may recognize him from Dragnet 1967.
Here's the license plate number on this slip of paper.
 The boys return to the car, they are going to search the neighborhood for the green Buick.

No silver tape covering "Plymouth", more atypical Jack Webb behavior.
Turns out those guys in the Buick are wanted for "burglary, auto division". 
Lincoln Queen Ocean-314, it's the guys from the liquor store!
I want these guys so bad I can taste it! 
No, this isn't the race scene from Grease.  
I don't think this car has a windshield.
Reed and Malloy get the bad guys.
 Next: Code 7 and Baby Gladys.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Log 1: The Impossible Mission (part 4)

First call: 415, code 2

(Which means disturbing the peace, respond immediately no red lights, no sirens.)
So the boys arrive at their first call and see this lady jumping up and down and "going through all sorts of gyrations". Mustache man thought she was having a seizure and sticks his fingers in her mouth so she doesn't swallow her tongue. The other man thought mustache was assaulting the lady. She's really jumping around because she thought her son's salamander got out of it's box and was crawling on her. Turns out it's all a big mistake.
No, this isn't some sort of crazy '60's dance party.

"Oh, it's on me, I know it's on me!"

"What's on you?"

This is Reed and the other guy, a truck driver.

What the hell is wrong with you people?

I'm going to get to the bottom of this.

Put the box in my large, freckled hands, lady.

Oh, look here's the salamander. It was in the box the whole time.

Take your salamander and leave my sight.

Thank you, Officer.

You're welcome. We have real work to do, now.

Log 1: The Impossible Mission (Part 3)

The other star of the show?

Who would that be? A real, live 1967 Plymouth Belvedere black & white police car, that's who. 
Reed has managed to follow Malloy to the car. Malloy introduces Reed to the car with this speech; delivered in pure, Jack Webb, rapid-fire delivery:

Pete Malloy: You know what this is?
Jim Reed: Yes sir, it's a police car.

Pete Malloy: This black and white patrol car has an overhead valve V8 engine. It develops 325 horsepower at 4800 RPM's. It accelerates from 0 to 60 in seven seconds; it has a top speed of 120 miles an hour. It's equipped with a multi channeled DFE radio and an electronic siren capable of admitting 

three variables, wale, yelp, and alert. It also serves as an outside radio speaker and public address system. The automobile has two shotgun racks, one attached to the bottom portion of the front seat, one in the vehicle trunk. Attached to the middle of the dash, illuminated by a single bulb is a hot sheet desk. Fastened to which you will always make sure is the latest one off the teletype before you ever roll.

Jim Reed: Yes sir.

Pete Malloy: It's your life insurance and mine. You take care of it and it'll take care of you.

Jim Reed: Yes sir. You want me to drive?

No, Reed, he does not want you to drive. Ever! After this, Lt. Wangsgard tells Pete that the Captain will be at the station later that evening and he can resign in person then. 

Out of my way, Reed! 

Next, Reed learns that "hats go in the back" because the roof is too low in the car. Then he learns how to use the radio.


Here, let me do it!

A real police radio. They never use this radio again. Notice the silver tape covering "Motorola". Silver tape covering trademarks is a Mark VII trademark.

Let's roll!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Log 1: The Impossible Mission (Part 2)

Roll Call/ Inspection then Reed & Malloy meet cute

I think this is inspection, not roll call.  Roll call usually takes place inside, maybe they didn't have the set built yet. Anyway, all of the officers look sharp in their uniforms. I think Malloy is sixth in from the end.

Here's Malloy during inspection. He looks like is already done with this job.

Here's Reed. He Reed.

The man talking is Sgt. MacDonald aka Mac. He is played by William Boyett. He is the watch commander, he always has the same shift as Malloy and Reed.  He's great and I just love him, all bosses should be like Mac. He's tough, but fair, he follows the rules, but is not above joking around. He and the Lieutenant are telling the officers that their badges could be shinier and their creases sharper.

Inspection is over, time to "protect and serve" the citizens of Los Angeles.

Except Malloy sees something that is not quite right...

This little lost cop.

"Of all the Probationers in the world, I get this one." (He doesn't actually say that.)
Tap, tap, tap...the beginning of a beautiful partnership
Malloy: Didn't we meet at roll call?
Reed: Yes, sir!
Malloy: You know, I could tell right off...
Reed: Yes, sir?
Malloy: You've got a real flair for police work.
Reed: Yes, sir!
Malloy: Reed, do me a favor?
Reed: Yes, sir?
Malloy: See if you can manage to follow me to the car.

Tomorrow: We've met Milner and McCord, now we meet the other "star" of the show.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Log 1: The Impossible Mission (Part 1)

Ahh, the first episode.
After I watched this my immediate reaction was, "Adam-12, where have you been all my life?" Here are some caps from the first scene in the locker room where we meet Officer Peter J. Malloy and Lt. Val Wangsgard. We learn that Malloy has been on the job seven years and that he wants to quit the force. Wangsgard tells Malloy, "You've been assigned a new man tonight. Name's Reed, Jim Reed, 23 year-old probationer." 

The Locker Room scene

Take a good look, you'll never see the locker room looking like this again.

You'll never see the Lieutenant getting dressed with patrolmen again, either.

Art Gilmore as Lt. Val Wangsgard. Where did that name come from?

Our first glimpse of Reed. Unfortunately, ladies, he is already dressed. That's Kent McCord as Officer Jim Reed, in case you didn't know. 

Martin Milner as Officer Pete Malloy. Also, already dressed. What a waste of a locker room scene.

Lt. Wangsgard tells Pete that Reed "looks good on paper". Malloy answers, "they all do". He still wants to quit.

Tomorrow: "Roll Call" and "Reed & Malloy Meet Cute"

Welcome to my blog about Adam-12!

Hello and welcome to my blog about Adam-12!
I decided to watch Adam-12 on Netflix about 4 months ago and I was instantly addicted to the show right from the first episode.  I couldn't stop watching, talking, or thinking about it.  Finally, my husband got sick of hearing about it and said, "Why don't you start a blog about Adam-12?". Brilliant. So, here we are.

On this blog I will make screen caps of every episode of Adam-12 and add my own observations and obsessive analyzations.  I'll also cover some other Adam-12 related topics like movies and TV shows featuring our boys Milner and McCord.

I am not an expert on classic cars, police procedures, or Los Angeles. There are some great websites out there run by people who are experts on those topics. My blog is a place to have fun and endlessly discuss the details of every episode. Hopefully, I will learn more about cars, procedure and LA by running this blog, but right now I only know that I love this damn show!

Thanks for visiting, come often, tell your friends.  Make comments, have fun!

1-Adam-12, roger!
Rita Malloy