Monday, September 1, 2014

Log 1: The Impossible Mission (Part 6)

Code 7 and Baby Gladys

After Pete and Jim drop the bad guys off at the station, its time for "7" or meal break. 
North Hollywood Division? They work out of Rampart or Central Division.

Dispatcher, "1-Adam-12, OK 7". Malloy,"Thank you!" (This is the first of 2 times that they thank dispatcher Shaaron.) 
At dinner we learn that Malloy is a bachelor and that he wants to quit because his partner was killed 3 weeks ago. 
We learn that Reed has been married 3 years and that his wife is pregnant. Look at the hairdo behind him! (Hmm, one bachelor cop, one married cop. That reminds me of another Jack Webb show.)
Next call is "sick child", little baby Gladys has stopped breathing. 
Umm, you can clearly see that Gladys is breathing in the episode.
Malloy starts CPR on the doll  Gladys.
He doesn't think it's going to work.
But, it does! Gladys pulls through!
Malloy tells Gladys, "You grow up and swim the channel, Gladys. You've got the lungs for it!" 
I wonder what Gladys is doing today.
Next: Malloy tries to quit and a major 415 at the park!

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