Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Log 1: The Impossible Mission (Part 7)

Malloy tries to quit and a major 415 (disturbing the peace) at the park!

Wow! That Jack Webb sure knows how to cram a lot of action into 24 minutes! We've met the main characters, learned everything we ever needed to know about a police car, helped some crazy lady, went on a high speed chase, had a meal, saved a baby, and now we are back at the station.

Malloy is just about to knock on the Captain's door...

Sorry, he's not there. You're not quitting tonight.
"There's a major 415 at the park!"
Here we are at the park, tell us what to do.
Malloy tells Reed to go to the "next tree and hold".
Here I go to the next tree.
I'm incredibly good-looking, I'll just do what I want.
Reed! You're good-looking, but not smart. You have to listen to me!
(Shots fired) Oh no, I've lost another partner.
What the...
Are you kidding me?
Too bad those bad guys didn't kill him, it would've saved me the trouble.
So, you caught the suspects all on your own, Hot Shot?
Get your incredibly good-looking self over here.
"You're not supposed to think yet, Junior!"
Well, I just thought...
That I would look adorable if I shrugged my shoulders like this.
Why I oughta...
"It's when you start thinking before you're supposed to think that you think yourself dead!"
Do you see that tree? Well, I don't care if you have to marry it, stay there while I talk to the Lieutenant.
Shows what he knows, I'm already married.
He wears the uniform well, that's about the best thing I can say about him.
Hmmm, reminds me of another rookie I once rode with.
Oh, you're talking about me.
So, I guess you're going to quit now?
I can't turn you loose on the citizens of Los Angeles.
Yes, sir!
Well, that's the first episode. I made up most of the dialouge in the park sequence, in case you couldn't tell. I don't think I will give every episode the lavish attention I gave to that one.

Anyway, if I rated the episode on a scale of Wells (the worst) to Malloy (the best) I would definitely give this episode a Malloy rating! It had everything: action, drama, comedy, a Jack Webb-type speech, and lots of great Milner faces; like this one:
What more you could you ask for from a TV show?