Saturday, September 13, 2014

Log 11: It's Just a Little Dent, Isn't It?

Episode 3

I love this episode! The fledgling relationship between Pete and Jim is center stage here. Jim, the rookie, is worried about the dent he put in the car and Pete, the experienced cop who knows is not a big deal, just wishes he would shut up about it. In between Jim's non-stop fretting they deal with a lady who is being harassed and an unbalanced man holding a juvenile hostage.

The episode opens with the officers at roll call.  Sgt. MacDonald and Lt. Moore are telling the men what to look out for while they are on patrol. They inform the officers that Lorena Getz has had garbage thrown on her front porch and a dead cat heaved through her window.  Mrs. Getz recently testified against her neighbor's son in court. The neighbor, Joe Claver, likes to make complaints police officers. Pete agrees to talk to Mrs. Getz and keep an eye on the neighborhood.
This is the first time we have seen the set for the roll call room. 
Lt. Moore (or is it Wangsgard) and "Mac".
Jim at roll call (I could stare at this all day).
Pete at roll call.  Look at those freckles!
After roll call, everybody falls out for inspection. Before they leave the lot, Pete needs to get new batteries for his flashlight. He asks Reed to gas up the car.
Reed, you finally got to drive the car! Even if it is for a few feet. Don't fuck this up!
Malloy senses something is wrong.
Something is wrong, Reed fucked up.
As Reed was coming back from getting gas, he heard the safety belt dragging on the ground. He opened the door to get it and he "tapped that post over there". He asks, "what do we do now?".
"Well, don't include me", answers Malloy
Since the car still runs, they decide to take it out on patrol. 

In the car, Reed is worried. He asks Malloy, "what will happen now?'. Malloy doesn't help set his mind at ease since he tells him his fate will be decided in a few days. Reed could either get "days off" or suspension or a reprimand or he could be put in front of a fleet safety board who will decide if the incident was preventable or if Reed was at fault.
What will happen now, Malloy?

This is what will happen now, you will go on and on about this and I will shoot you sideways glances and eye rolls all night.
They decide to check on Mrs. Getz.
Mrs. Getz lives on the Universal back lot.

Should Jim be touching that?

Mrs. Getz doesn't think Reed looks old enough to be a cop.

Aw schucks, ma'am.
"Why, he's got a driver's license and everything!"
Malloy tells Mrs. Getz that she should call the police if Claver starts anything.

On the way back to the car, Reed starts talking about the dent again. Now he's trying to convince himself that it is so small nobody would even notice it. 
They find they've got an audience waiting for them at the car.

Malloy's not buying it.
Reed just can't leave it alone.
The officers have some fun with the kids.

"We're surrounded by wild juveniles."
They have fun, until Harold
notices the "big ol' dent".
Fun's over for Jim.
Malloy's enjoying himself, though.
 Next, the stop to talk to Mr. Johnson, a neighbor of Mrs. Getz. They ask him to ask the other neighbors to keep an eye on Mrs. Getz and call if they see anything.
On the way to see Mr. Johnson, Reed complains about the heat. Or, rather the humidity.
If you say, "it's not the heat, it's the humidity" you can get out and walk.
You know you have a dent?
Oh, they know.
Well, Reed continues to talk about that damn dent while they drive to a bar that Joe Claver frequents. Once there, they get the owner to the back and ask him if he knows of any shenanigans Claver is planning.
Watching Reed squirm is fun. 
I find this set confusing. It is too well lit and large to be a dive bar, but the drab decor indicates seediness. 
I heard Claver say something about "running someone out of the neighborhood, burn 'em out if he had to".
That doesn't sound good at all.
Back to the car, back to Reed and the dent. They see Claver working on his car and stop to have a chat with him. 
Pete can't take much more of this.

He really looks pained here.
We finally get to see the infamous Joe Claver. He's built as solidly as that Cadillac. 
Malloy tells Claver that they will be watching Mrs. Getz' house and is she has any more trouble, they will be back to see Mr. Claver.
"Is that clear?"
Claver wants their names and badge numbers for his records. 
"It's Malloy, isn't it?" 
"Peter Malloy"
Back to the car, but before Jim can say too much...
"1-Adam-12, 415 man with a gun, see the woman 1942 Lakeview, on the porch. Code 2"
Pete enters the house while Jim stays outside.

The man with a gun has this lady's baby.
At first Malloy tries to reason with him in order to convince him to let the baby go.

When reason doesn't work, Malloy tries a vitriolic approach. That has the desired effect.

After Jim takes the bad guy away, Pete needs a moment to recover from the tense situation.

Back on the street they stop for "7", but Jim does not stop obsessing over the dent.
"It's still there, Reed. The brownies didn't come and tap it out for ya."
After their meal, the boys get a prowler call in Mrs. Getz' neighborhood.

I spy with my little eye...
This big galoot trying to climb over a fence.

Mrs. Getz has 2 broken windows and these rocks in her dining room.

 However, Malloy can't do too much about it. The crime is a misdemeanor and an officer can only make an arrest if he witnesses it. Mrs. Freeman did witness Claver throwing something through Mrs. Getz' window. After some encouragement, she decides she will make a "private person's arrest".

This pleases Malloy. 

But, the night is not over. Back at the station, Pete asks Lt. Moore if he has seen the report on the dent.

No, I haven't seen it.
Pete tells him the dent is about the size of the reprimand.
(Isn't that sweet? Pete acted so annoyed with Jim all day, but the seasoned officer still looks out for the rookie.)



  1. Excellent post! Gosh!
    I liked being able to linger on the portrait of Martin Milner looking *fucking exhausted* - That is good stuff. There are some really nice trades in composition between this show and Dragnet - with respect to camera style. I'm so jazzed. I'm stealing snaps for the promo. :)

    Suzy Dragnet

    1. I'm going to steal some of your caps for an Everyone Nods promo. I'll also let my massive Tumblr following of 46 (LOL) know about Everyone Nods.

    2. ….Did you say Tumblr?! I'm beginning to think I should change my "Adam-12 with Suzy" blog to a Tumblog.

      Hurray! That would be awesome. - oh, did you get a chance to check out Toby's blogathon?

      Bloggerly love,
      Suzy Dragnet

    3. You should totally come on over to Tumblr-town! There isn't a huge Adam-12 fandom, but its a fun bunch. There are just lots of cool things on Tumblr.
      I did get to check out the blogathon. Its amazing that Jack still has so many young fans.

  2. I found this blog c/o Suzy Dragnet and I'm loving it!

    1. Welcome, Jacques! So glad you enjoy the blog!