Friday, September 5, 2014

Log 141: The Color TV Bandit

The second episode

Malloy and Reed try to solve burglaries happening in their area, arrest a negligent mother, and pull over an indignant driver.

Pete and Jim return to the work after a few days off.
This is what it would look like if you were floating over the break room.

Pete and Jim have some coffee and discuss their weekend.
Oh, hey other cops who were working Adam-12 while we were off.
Hey, Pete and Jim. There were a lot of color TV burglaries in your area while you were off. That sucked.
Lt. Wangsgard Moore, can we stake-out the area where these burglaries are happening?
Sorry, we're spread too thin.
Reed and Malloy have a plan to catch the color TV bandit. 
But, it will have to wait. They're called to investigate an abandoned child. 
This lady is afraid that one or both of the boys in her neighbor's apartment is very ill.
This boy doesn't look good, but he's not sick. 
Those ain't his mother's jellybeans. 
His brother's in trouble, too. In the Mark VII version of Los Angeles, brown walls equal low rent district.
Oh hey, it's mother of the year played by Cloris Leachman.
I'll just take off my coat...

and casually toss it over all this evidence. I'm sure that will make you cops go away. 
You're under arrest. For violation of 11-500, 11-910, 11-915, 11-555... 
I'm so proud, Junior just said his first penal codes. 
"What kind of mother are you?"
"Reed!" We think those things, we don't say them!
Let's go catch that color T... Dammit, stupid bug car made an illegal left hand turn! There goes 10 minutes.
 The Beetle makes a left hand turn in front of the white over gold "stalker" Mustang. You'll see this car 150 more times during the run of the show. This is not an exaggeration in any way.

Don't you cops have anything better to do? 
Don't you have another color in your wardrobe? Look, I'm wearing a uniform, but you choose to dress like that.
My uncle is a very prominent attorney. I'm going to take you to court. 
Then sign the ticket saying you'll appear in court, lady.
Let's go get that burglar, partner!
Reed spots a suspicious vehicle.

Look what's inside! 
Time for a jog.
"Reed, don't jump there's a... 
"...pool on the other side."
My name's Benny Johnson and I don't know anything about that car, that TV, or all that jewelry in my tool belt.
"What'd bust him for? Are you taking him to the slammer?" 
This is Charlie played by Lew Brown, he was on Dragnet a lot. Here he is a cop who is going to take Benny Johnson's fingerprints.
This is the Facsimile Identification Network at work. They're going to find out if Benny has a record.

Long story short. This guy does have a record. Mac went knocking on doors in neighborhood where he was picked up. A lady reported a diamond watch missing. She noticed it was missing after a man in khakis who said he was from the gas company was at the apartment.
A diamond watch like this?
Reed writes the report. Malloy relaxes with a smoke. I think this is the only time we see Malloy smoking.
While you two were going for a swim there was another color TV burglary in your area.
Back to work, partner.


  1. I love the way they did the closing credits over the first couple of season of Adam-12. The blue background with the two badges is too stark!


    1. So, I've read that they stopped doing that because they had to pay the actors extra to do those credit-rolling scenes. Who knows? Although that sort of penny-pinching does sound very Mark VII-like.